paddock-to-plate restaurant

Megalong is set up amidst the LOT 101 farm, orchards and vegetable gardens in the beautiful Megalong Valley; two hours drive from Sydney. With seating up to 60, the restaurant offers 360-degree views of escarpment and bushland.

Nearly all the vegetables, fruit and herbs on the menu are grown organically on site, in large gardens that visitors can walk through and learn about from our onsite production managers.

LOT 101 cattle and sheep and other locally sourced proteins are also used. Regeneration and organic agriculture underpin the farming ethos at LOT 101, and seasons inspire the Megalong menu.

Dinner is from Thursday through to Saturday, and Lunch is on Saturday and Sunday.

“A meal is so much more than just the food we eat — it’s a celebration of produce, great wine, conversation, the company we keep and the environment we enjoy it in — the simple things done well.”


With the restaurant located at the epicentre of production on the farm, the kitchen door is mere footsteps away from farm fresh produce. With our gardens completely accessible to our guests, it is easy to see how farm to table the menu really is.


Use of local produce doesn’t stop in the kitchen. The ever changing menu also offers you the chance to pair non-alcoholic drinks with farm sourced ingredients as well as the wine pairing. If 5 matched drinks is too much for you, we have a full wine and cocktail list including our entirely local espresso martini.