the team.

Colin Barker • Executive Chef

From preparing wild game in the UK’s Cotswolds to fishing in the remote Wessel Islands of Northern Australia, our menu reflects Colin’s passion for discovering and exploring all things edible – the life cycle of plants, animals, and food evolution.

His innovation in the kitchen stems from a lifelong relationship with food and the land.

The symbiosis of the kitchen and farm team is what makes Megalong unique.

Colin’s vision has always been to work in sync with the land. This notion of symbiosis informs his approach to seasonal dining. Teaming up with Mark Wells and Fabrice Roland from LOT 101’s farm, the team works in a natural cadence to create dishes that are freshly picked and prepared in accordance with the seasons of the year. Colin believes he shouldn’t need to walk far from the kitchen to the farm garden to source the freshest ingredients to create simple meals that taste amazing.

Mark Wells farm manager

Mark Wells is Farm Manager at LOT 101. He’s passionate about sustainably managing the land and ensuring we treat the land with respect.

His vision is to grow the highest quality produce destined for the tables of our restaurant – Megalong. Working closely with Colin, our Executive Chef, Mark selects the produce in season and ensures our restaurant is supplied with the freshest, tastiest fruit and veggies available in the Valley.

Mark is also closely involved with the livestock we run on LOT 101.

Fabrice Rolando production manager

Working closely with Mark is our production manager, Fabrice Rolando.

Fabrice is pivotal in determining the type of produce we grow and the best way to grow it on the property. He also works with Chef Colin and the kitchen team to plan for the restaurant’s needs.

from our farm to your plate

We only use exceptional, mostly homegrown ingredients that are harvested in their prime. This is why our tasting menus change as often as the weather in which our ingredients are grown.