Winter feast @ Lot 101


12:30pm. Get your tickets here

UPDATE* If you need transport to and from the restaurant, we are arranging a shuttle bus! 11:30am pick up from Blackheath station and a trip back after lunch (around 4:30/5pm)


At Lot 101, we honour the rhythm of nature and the bounty it provides. Join us as we celebrate the essence of agrarian ideals with our upcoming Winter Feast.

In our kitchen, and on our farm, we work hand in hand with the seasons and the land, ensuring that every dish reflects the freshness and quality of the ingredients. While we eagerly anticipate the winter harvest, we also acknowledge the unpredictability of nature. Stay tuned for exciting updates as we prepare to showcase the best of the season.

Come and join us inside the beautifully restored farmhouse as you gaze out over the ancient escarpment. All while you pass food around a communal table and sample a range of free flowing local wines.